October 20, 2009
Your Saab Key is Worth 10% Off Saab Merchandise
You'll have to wait a while to pick up a new 9-5, but if you're already a Saab owner you can put your car key to work for you. Show your Saab key at the Saab display at the Miami or San Francisco auto show to save 10% on all Saab Expressions merchandise.

October 13, 2009
Viztech V4 Project: Do These CGI's Hint at Actual Project Car
We're fascinated by the design house Viztech. The Swedish firm is quickly developing a name for itself creating virtual models of high-profile project cars. What this modeling allows Viztech to do is to allow their customers to try an infinite number of colors, wheel choices, tire profiles, suspension heights and any other imaginable modification, examine it from every conceivable angle or even feature it in an animated video all before ever turning a wrench. How times have changed.

October 13, 2009
Find of the Day: Nicest (& Most Expensive) Mk1 900 Convertible in Free America
Check out this super clean and rare Platna Grey 1991 900 Convertible we've just located on Ebay. Granted a $15K Buy-It-Now price is a bit salty, but the owner claims over $20K invested and he's probably right. Among many other bragging points the car boasts new paint and just about every other mod we'd do ourselves were it our car and price no object.

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October 13, 2009
Saabarchive.com Launches
Fellow Saab enthusiast Frank Wulfers from Michigan has registered www.saabarchive.com as a repository for Saab media, such as advertising and press materials. Wulfers used to run a site called saabmedia.com, but lost the domain after a period of dormancy. Check out some the old print ads from the Sixties.

August 26, 2009
Saab Backer Loses Driver's License for Speeding
Bard Eker, one of the major shareholders in Koenigsegg Group, has been banned from driving in Sweden for three months, according to the New York Times. Hopefully his 105-mph infraction won't hamper the Group's ability to secure the nearly $600 million in loans it still needs to complete the purchase of Saab.

August 6, 2009
Saab 9-3 Turbo X Included in List of Euro Compacts in Forza 3 Game
We've been watching the news on the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 game for the Sony Xbox system, and we have to say we're pretty blown away by the graphics so far. Now comes word that the Saab Turbo X will be one of the cars included in the Euro Compact category, which also includes the Volvo C30 and Ford Focus RS, among others.

August 4, 2009
Saab Inspires Indie Film "I Can Speak Swedish"
Saabs have a unique way of inspiring their owners. Such is the case of filmmaker David Foster, who uses the purchase of used 900 as a catalyst for changing the life of an introverted, sheltered young woman. The 18-minute film is showing at the Rhode Island International Film Festival running August 4-9.

July 10, 2009
Saab 9-3 SportCombi Destroyed by iPod
If Saab is supposed to be the "Apple" of the car world, the two companies may want to be a bit more compatible than this. Apparently a faulty iPod was to blame for this 9-3's spontaneous combustion. Since the car was located in western Sweden, Saab's own fire investigation crew was able to examine it and have so far found no other plausible explanation for the fire. Sweden's The Local has the rest of the story.

June 22, 2009
A Boat Book for Saab People
I was combing the transportation section of my local library (Section 623, specifically) for any books on small sailboats. Not sure why, really, other than I have an interest in all types of vehicles- boats, planes, cars, motorcycles. What I came across was a book called "Sloop" by Daniel Robb. At first I thought it might be a misplaced novel, judging by the cover. But you know what they say about judging books by their covers...

April 23, 2009
Saab USA Heritage Collection Update
In the last couple weeks we ran a two-part series looking at some of the Saab vehicles in GM's Heritage Collection. The guys at Saab History posted a little update on the current status of the collection, including a list of the VINs for the remaining cars. More...

April 13, 2009
No-Reserve 1972 Sonett III on eBay
It's not every day that a Saab Sonett shows up for sale, even on eBay. But this listing caught our attention, as much for the fact that the current bid at publication was $1159 and there is no reserve on the sale. It's a little rough, but looks complete and ready for a proper restoration. And naturally, the body is rust-free. But you knew that already. See the listing at eBay.

April 10, 2009
Forget Subaru- Saab More Appealing to Gay Drivers
Over lunch this week in New York, we spoke with our friend and colleague Joe LaMuraglia who runs the automotive website GayWheels.com. He was quick to point out the results of their latest survey, which found gay men 18 times more likely than the average guy to buy a Saab, while gay women were 11 times more likely. The survey report can be seen at GayWheels.com and the results may surprise you.

March 31, 2009
Car Lounge Thread- Badass Saabs
Only in The Car Lounge will such amazing Saab pictures show up with just a quick request. There's some really good stuff in there. Just click through and see for yourself.

March 26, 2009
Consumer Reports Unoffical Findings- Saab Convertible Owners Spend More Time Topless
Consumer Reports editor Jim Travers reckons Saab Convertible owners spend more time with their tops down than drivers of other convertibles. His rather unscientific study is based on the assumption that a Saab's Nordic virtues make top-down driving more enjoyable at even lower temperatures. Or perhaps Saab owners are just more hardy. Enjoy the light-hearted blog post at ConsumerReports.com.

March 10, 2009
What's Up With Saab?
California-based writer Sheryll Alexander asks that question in an article for Autotropolis.com. Clearly a fan of the brand, she looks toward the future optimistically, in a spirit that suggests Saab just might regain a bit of its former identity as a carmaker on its own. Read the full piece at www.autotropolis.com.