TurboNines Staff

The Carlisle Import and Kit/Replicar Nationals is pretty much unlike any other car show you might attend. It's not held on a prestigious racetrack or a swank golf course, but on the fairgrounds outside a Pennsylvania college town. As its rather awkward name suggests, any non-domestic brand is welcome, though that rule is even fairly flexible given the inordinate number of Fieros that attend every year.

Saab continues a long tradition at Carlisle of being the most dominant brand there in regards to attendance. The local chapter of the Saab club organizes the event to the hilt, including on-site meals, a judged show and more.


The mix of cars ranges, but there was, as usual, a heavy slant towards older models. Here you're likely to find (and we did) 99s and 96s parked alongside modified high-horsepower Viggens, 9-5s and more. Even tertiary models like the 9-7x and the 9-2x Aero were represented.

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